Clear ⚫ Short ⚫ Readable ⚫ Links

  • Specific invitation
  • Short - easy to remember
  • Readable - makes sense
  • Make it personal
  • Monitor with monthly click reports

It is often necessary to invite your audience to visit a page that provides further information or a better user experience. The most transparent way to acheive this is with a clear link that is both short and readable, a link which will allow you to grab the imagination and drive that click through.

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Almost any fully customised prefix and suffix combination can be obtained in the format An infinite variety of creative attention getters are possible and I am always happy to talk about imaginative projects.



With the demise of the 'see inside' thumbnail and the Google link shortener, this clearly readable short link prefix is an ideal alternative that can be used in all social media, blogs and websites.

Customise the suffix to suit. It can be the business name or any number of product specific titles. Suffixes are case sensitive. e.g.,,

We can discuss the best word structure for your marketing needs

The has a full prefix https:// and is trusted.

Examples of SeeInside


Often with Google Maps, Street View, the search results can show an abstract view of the location and does not present the nearby business with an appealing aspect. To counter this, a high quality 360º photosphere published to the business entry can provide the best outcome.

It needn't even involve the business owner in any disruption or preperation since it can be an addition to the existing street view imagery.

The has a full prefix https:// and is trusted.

Examples of SeeOutside


FULLY CUSTOMISED LINK (prefix and suffix) to web pages, maps locations, blogs in fact any hosted content though I reserve the right to deny my service and without reason.

SEEINSIDE link to existing published images.

SEEOUTSIDE link to existing published images.

SEEOUTSIDE link including the shooting of a new 360º image and publishing to Maps.

MONTHLY REPORT on link hits for a period of 6 months.

google trusted photographer badge
google trusted photographer badge

Edwin Devey is a certified Google Trusted Street View Photographer who has helped many businesses, large and small, to capitalise on their space by attracting new customers via interactive digital marketing.