Give your clients the best experience with a Virtual Visitor App

  • Invite them inside
  • Help them to find their way around
  • Present your best features
  • Let them call while excited
  • Bring them to you with navigation

Whether you are an Institute like a University, Hospital, Wildlife Park or an outlet such as a Garden Centre, Hotel, or Night Club, it's all here. Place your business in their hands to enable them to connect with you at all times. At the touch of a button customers can view and experience what you have to offer by being a virtual visitor inside your organisation.

Your App will be available for free on Google Play.

Let them browse your geography and get aquainted with layout and facilities. Engaging with your business in this way almost assures you of continued interest because of the time invested.

A contacts page lets them call you direct to enquire about opening times, availability, offers and so much more.

At the touch of a button they can enter Navigation through Google Maps and be on their way following directions to your door.

app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot

Includes publishing the tour only to your Google Business Page, free of charge.

Download the above app and try it out Get it on Google Play or from the App StoreFrom the app Store

Edwin Devey is a certified Google Trusted Street View Photographer who has helped many businesses, large and small, to capitalise on their space by attracting new customers via interactive digital marketing.

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